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Sodium Hypochlorite Concentrated

Sodium Hypochlorite Solution.

​Get Sodium Hypochlorite (सोडियम हाइपोक्लोराइट) for sanitization in your factory, offices, colony, apartments, homes & other public places.
Mix 1 part of sodium hypochlorite with 9 parts of water and spray in areas requiring sanitization. (1 लीटर सोडियम हाइपोक्लोराइट को 9 लीटर पानी में मिलाए फिर स्प्रे करे )
Mix 1 part of sodium hypochlorite with 20 parts of water for hand sanitization. ( हैंड सेनिटाइज़शन के लिए 1 लीटर सोडियम हाइपोक्लोराइट को 20 लीटर पानी में मिलाये )
(सोडियम हाइपोक्लोराइट के लिए संपर्क करे )

Sodium hypochlorite in mathura
Hydrogen Peroxide in mathura

Comm. Peroxide Disinfectant Solution

Peroxide Disinfectant Solution.

Hydrogen peroxide is a good disinfectant. It has the ability to kill viruses and micro-organisms. Medical industry utilizes certain peroxide solution for cleaning of laboratory equipment as well. 

De-mineralised Water

Product Name : Punla Aqua
Specifications : Demineralised water
Conductivity < 1 micro ohm centimetre
Volume : 5 Ltrs. Also available in 1 Ltr & 2 Ltrs Packing.
To top up any lead acid batteries.
To fill steam iron.
To clean any ornament, mirror, glass furniture. (No stains are left)
To clean car windshield. Leading car workshops use demineralised water.
For any other industrial use.

Demineralised water in mathura

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